Set the Context For Your Investors

I recently recorded a Podcast for Gavin McCully’s The Pitch Deck – Episode #53. Gavin offers a number of other great episodes.  Enjoy


Ep #53: Jeffrey Finkle, Angel Investor/Coach, ARC Angel Fund – Set the Context For Your Investors

Joining me today on The Pitch Deckpodcast, our guest brings an amazing new perspective, which I don’t believe we have ever had on the show previously. Jeffrey Finkle is an ex-entrepreneur, ex-Exec. in software industry, ex-venture capitalist, and now a current startup coach and angel investor. He started out as an entrepreneur in the 80’s, starting a company called Enhance Systems, which he grew over the course of 7 years to a revenue of over $4 million. From there, he joined another software company, working his way up to the executive level, and used that experience to hone his business skills.

Jeffrey joins me to bring you a masters level course in the dos, and don’ts of raising capital. He explains why you need to learn to engage your investors, give them context and show them why your solution is the one they need to get behind. Listen in to learn how to avoid presentations mistakes that create doubt in potential investor’s minds. Check it out below…

Listen To The Full Interview:

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Jeffrey’s early entrepreneurial years have shaped his angel investing and coaching.
  • The life span of venture capital funds.
  • How the ARC Angel Fund operates.
  • Jeffrey’s favorite sectors for investing.
  • Jeffrey’s 3 types of founders.
  • What you need to do to avoid investor disconnect.
  • Jeffrey’s dos and don’ts of pitch presentations.

Featured On The Show:

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