The Cause of Gun Violence in America

As some of you know, I’ve served on the board of WellLife Network for the past twelve years, the last three as Chairman. WellLife is one of NY’s largest behavioral health agencies, providing residential and day programs for over 5,500 individuals dealing with behavioral issues, substance abuse, or developmental disabilities.

The Agency is funded by many state agencies, and to a much lesser extent, donations from individuals who support its mission. More on that later when we prepare for our next campaign.

Despite our best efforts to bring mental health out of the closet, people suffering from mental health are ostracized by society, or at the very least, misunderstood.

Once again, this came to light this week as the nation wrestled with two mass shootings. As is the case each time a mass shooting occurs (the very notion of “each time this occurs,” is gut-wrenching), the subject of mental health leaps to the forefront as a significant cause.

Dr. Howell Schrage, WellLife’s medical director, wrote a blog post this week about some not-so-surprising statistics about mental health and gun violence, which can be viewed here.

I’ve always made it a point not to espouse political views on this blog, and this can be viewed as doing such. However, this is an important issue that deserves attention.